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  • Pastor Trevor Killip

Verse Memorization: Exodus 34:6-7

This week we seek to memorize a well-known and well-used passage in the Old Testament: Exodus 34:6-7

(Logos Bible Software)

This is a passage that once memorized you'll see throughout all of the Old Testament, either in part or in whole. What this passage contains is God's revelation to Moses, when Moses asked Yahweh to show him His glory (Ex 33:18). And note, what this passage focuses on, the mercy, grace, and love of God. This is where God starts, and it is what God emphasizes. Yes, the end of the passage speaks of Yahweh visiting the iniquity of the fathers to the third and fourth generation. While this statement highlights the justice of Yahweh, it is contrasted with His mercy and love that He keeps for thousands, and this isn't just thousands of people, at one time, but thousands of generations, for all time.

The point is that this aspect of God is unending, even though He is a just God who will not ignore the guilty. We must be careful not to look at this passage as evidence for generational curses. Often people who promote the unbiblical teaching of generational curses will cite this verse, but they ignore the steadfast love of God that is given to thousands of generations. Or the clear lack of any instruction in Scripture, especially the New Testament, of the need to break generational curses or the presence of generational curses.

Exodus 34:6-7 is a passage revealing to us the lovingkindness of God, His covenantal faithfulness to His people, and the unfathomable depth of His love, mercy, and grace towards His people. When we fear that we have angered God or we may not be welcomed in His presence, this is a good passage to bring to mind. Or when we wonder if God is still faithful to us, again, this is a good passage to meditate on and to consider. Yes, Yahweh is a just, holy, God. But He is an exceedingly gracious, merciful, compassionate God, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving their sin and iniquity.

Verse Memorization Tip

A great tool for verse memorization is the Dwell App. It's an excellent audio Bible app that provides a variety of useful tools for you to be in the Scriptures. What makes the Dwell App useful for memorization is the ability to repeat a selected verse or verses, over and over and over again. For example, while I drive to the grocery store, the church, or whereever, I can have Exodus 34:6-7 read to me over and over again, in the translation I want, as well as in the voice I want. I can even create a playlist with the verses that I have memorized thus far so I can review them. The Dwell App is not free, it does require a fee after the free trial period. You can either pay an annual fee or a one time lifetime fee. I've been using Dwell for years, and I after paying annually for a couple of years I ponied up for the lifetime fee.

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