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  • Pastor Trevor Killip

The Gospel According to Satan - A Book Review

I recently finished an excellent book that was just published last month titled The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies About God That Sound Like The Truth, by Jared C. Wilson.

The book is rather timely and certainly relevant to the church today as all eight lies of which Jared addresses in his book can be found in some form or another either openly practiced within the church or in our personal lives. The eight lies of which he addresses are:

1) God just wants you to be happy

2) You only live once

3) You need to live your truth

4) Your feelings are reality

5) Your life is what you make it

6) You need to let go and let God

7) The cross is not about wrath

8) God helps those who help themselves

Each lie comprises one chapter about 15-20 pages in length. Before Jared dives into the lies of Satan he sets the book up well by discussing the "anatomy of a lie" and how most of the lies we embrace are so close to the truth or filled with so much truth it is hard for us to distinguish them. He goes as far as challenging us that what we often call to be God's honest truth is the lie of the devil. Thus he begins working his way through each of these eight lies pointing us to the truth of God found in His Word and the various ways these lies have deceived us.

My book is full of highlights which is indicative of a book full of worthy quotes. Here are just a few...

"The devil would be perfectly satisfied if we were perfectly satisfied apart from the holiness of God."

"God is not opposed to our happiness; he only wishes that we find our ultimate happiness in him."

"Mankind's greatest need isn't unmet desires but unrealized glory."

"'No regrets' is for people with no conscience. Only sociopaths have no regrets."

"He wants you drunk on a sense of immortality."

"Satan is not just a master of deception but also a master of deflection."

"The most important thing a pastor can do is not validate our feelings, but rather encourage us in the truth."

"The forbidden fruit cannot deliver. This is one reason why it is forbidden."

"Damnation is the only thing we are owed."

Okay, that was more than a few but there are just so many to choose from, I struggled to leave the others out. You will just have to get the book from Amazon.

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