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  • Pastor Trevor Killip

Blogging: A Discipline? A Tool? A Benefit? A Waste?

Well, once again, I'm going to give "blogging" a go. As you can see, it's been a pandemic, an election, and a few years since my last post. I don't believe that the events of the past three years are the reasons why I haven't posted. Rather, I haven't posted simply because I haven't seen the reason for posting.

I wrestle with the value of spending time creating blog posts that few people, if any, will actually read. On top of that, I wonder what value or worth am I offering that cannot be written already elsewhere? Let alone knowing, that in most cases, what I am writing about, is already written about by someone else with greater literary acumen and is thus a far better read and better use of one's time.

Perhaps though, I am being too hard on myself. But perhaps not.

So, the question remains, why should I, a pastor who has a full plate shepherding the body of Christ at Hope, spend time and energy blogging? What's the advantage? The benefit? Is there one? Or is it wasteful?

One may say that it creates an opportunity to further teach and shepherd the people under my care. But again, why write when I could simple point them to an article or resource?

Another might say it's an opportunity for the congregation as well as those outside of the congregation to get to know you as a person. A fair thought, but certainly doing this isn't a must for that to be achieved. Wouldn't it be better for them and for me, to actually meet in person? Sure, but both can be utilized I suppose. But is it worth the time?

Writing for me is not a thing of pleasure or leisure. At least not in the realm that I would be writing. Creative writing, even poetic writing, I do find to be rather enjoyable, as long as I'm not overwhelmed by the demands of life. There is something of putting to pen, or screen, the wandering thoughts of my mind into imaginitive pictures.

So, why do this? Why even attempt it? I could start this again, and after a post, or two, or three, I could go radio silent again for a few more years. What's my motivation? Am I simply a restless soul looking for the next new thing? Maybe. I do have a desire to be continually challenged in my life to further use what God has given me for His glory. For example, there is a desire to go back to school to pursue a Doctor of Ministry, but I a part of me is hesistant because it would require a lot of writing, which as I have just confessed is far from enjoyable. The admission process alone requires a decent sized paper which wears on me just by thinking about it.

Anyway, this is my aim, my thought, my motivation behind all of this. The process of posting a blog is one of discipline that will ultimately help shape me as a pastor. Regardless if people read the posts or not. The mere act of considering what to write about and then to take the time to write about it, no matter the amount of words pent, will help sharpen my ability to communicate the Truth. Now, obviously, the benefits are not just one, but many. The discipline of writing has a variety of benefts, and they go beyond me. Surely, someone at sometime will be edified by what I write. Even if they are only edified by the fact that I am an example of how not to write. And note, I choose to describe writing as a discipline intentionally, instead of an act, since for me, writing is truly a thing of personal discipline. But seeing how we are people who have been given a spirit of power and self-control (2 Tim 1:7), why not do it?

On another note, if anyone knows how I can link scripture to references so people can view the verse by hovering over the reference, please let me know. Thanks!

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20 sept. 2023

I didn’t know you blogged before so I am pleasantly surprised. I wait with bated breath for your next publication!

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