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  • Pastor Trevor Killip

Bible Apps

I know it's been awhile since I've posted a blog post, but honestly I haven't had anything come to mind to write about and share. However, I think that season is over as I will start a new section on the blog that speaks to resources and the like that we can use to help us walk in our faith.

For our first post in this section I will recommend a few Bible apps. Now, if you go to your Play store or the Apple store you can easily type in "Bible" and find a plethora of apps to choose from. And if you haven't already I would encourage you to do so as I can't speak to all of them, nor am I able to speak to all the various needs/interests out there looking to be met. But I will make a couple of recommendations and give guidance on what to look for in a Bible app.

I will start off with what I use. My primary Bible app is Logos. I use Logos because I use their expansive and very comprehensive Logos Bible Software program. Therefore, all of my resources sync up between all of my devices. Great thing about Logos is, even if you don't have their software you can still use their app and many of their free resources. So, this is more than a Bible app, but a library. The size of it depends on you. Also, the various features you want to use also depends on you. It does come with the usual reading plans and so forth, and if you decide to buy into it you can increase your options and customization. Also, this app like most Bible apps, has a selection of translations to choose from.

For a more popular and well used Bible app, check out YouVersion from This app has been around for years and is perhaps the most popular Bible app out there. It comes with all sorts of reading plans and of course a variety of translation options along with some audio options as well.

Finally, for a bonus recommendation, I recommend Dwell. Now, this app is new to me. I just started using it a couple of weeks ago and it does come with a price tag after a 7-day free trial ($29.99/year or $149.99/life). This app is unique as it is strictly audio. Dwell has a variety of reading plans, as well as playlists of passages assorted by theme. For example, if you want to listen to a playlist that is about 15 minutes long of all the passages that talk about who you are in Christ, you can. Or if you just want to hear the Bible in its natural order verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation you may do that as well. Since this is an audio app let me speak about the audio. They have four different voices, three men, one woman, all with a different accent. I prefer Mark or Gregory, but Felix sometimes holds my attention more with his thick African accent. I actually haven't listen much to the lady's voice to have an opinion. I have my voice selection set to random so it changes the voice up every chapter. This allows me to stay focus more. Also, you can select what kind of music plays in the background if any at all. I find this app particularly useful as it allows me to engage with God's Word in a different way than reading. I have to visual what is being said more and hearing another person say it helps me pick up things I might otherwise miss. Plus, I can hear His Word when I'm mowing the yard, driving, doing the dishes, or whatever. Really helps me to live out Psalm 1:2.

With all this being said, which one is best for you? The one that works. The one that you can use easily and look forward to opening up in the morning or on the toilet as you hide from the kids. Everything requires a bit of learning, but it shouldn't be so much so that it discourages you from using it. Perhaps try one for a week, then give another one a go the week after.

If you have questions on this topic or are wondering about other kinds of resources, hit me up, I would love to help! God bless!

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