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  • Pastor Trevor Killip

A Blog? What For?

Over the past couple of decades I have made multiple attempts to maintain a blog. I would get them started and write a few posts though never with any regularity or consistency. What all those blogs lacked this one does not and I pray that is why this one will succeed in being an consistently active blog for our church and for myself.

But perhaps you are wondering exactly why would we have a blog on our website. What's the reasoning behind the pastor taking time to type up blog posts to share on a website that gets little to no traffic?

Excellent question. This is the exact question that I wanted to be able to answer before I started the blog. Below are the four reasons I could think of on why I think a blog would be worth the time.

  1. Mental Exercise - writing in any form stretches and exercises the mind in a variety ways which I pray will help me become a better verbal communicator to my congregation.

  2. Teaching and Edification - blogging will allow me to dive deeper on certain topics and address certain topics that I have been unable to fit in on Sunday mornings. One of the features of the blog that I have been pondering on creating is a regular weekly post that follows up my sermon with some after thoughts to clarify, correct, or add as necessary to help the congregation grasp the message of the text more fully.

  3. To Improve My Articulation - this one is a by-product of reason number one. By writing out my thoughts on specific topics it should help me learn how to frame and present my argument in a way that is worded well. Plus, if this Grammarly extension is of any good use I will be corrected and scolded in my grammar mistakes, thus becoming a more effective communicator.

  4. Another Tool - finally, a blog is just another tool for the tool box. I hope to do book reviews/recommendations, along with posts that recommend other useful tools for the believer in Christ to use in order to deepen his or her faith in God and His Word.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about my blog and what I should write about it you can email me at Also, if anything that I write raises some burning questions or perhaps you think I have spoken heresy and I need to be rebuked, please feel free to shoot me an email.

I am not sure when the first official post beyond this one will be. Perhaps I will post my first sermon after-thought post next Monday and that will prayerfully be the first of many posts that God can use to build up His body for His glory.

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