New Position: Pastor of Worship & Youth

Summary: This is a full-time position overseeing the worship for our weekly services as well as overseeing our weekly youth ministries.  The worship portion will be more an oversight role, with the expectation to lead and participate as necessary.  Meanwhile the youth portion will be more hands-on.  There would also be an expectation for the pastor to preach as needed throughout the year in accordance to the individual's ability and desire.


Overview: Hope Community Church (HCC) is located in West Salem, WI, just east of La Crosse WI off of I-90.  We are a member of the Forest-Lakes District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Our senior pastor has been serving since July of 2018 and since that time our church has undergone a variety of changes that have involved rewriting our By-Laws, re-organizing our Deacon board into four ministry teams that are overseen by a deacon, as well as moving locations.  Along with these changes our church has matured and has grown as well, especially in the past 12 months.  We have seen continued blessing with baptisms, growth in membership, and financial provision.  We are now at a point where our senior pastor and the body are praying for another shepherd who is gifted in music and teaching to be called by God to serve alongside our senior pastor and the elders.  We are praying this role will help us adjust effectively with the continued growth and help the body potentially move to two worship services while we begin a building campaign for a larger space to worship God and equip the saints for ministry.


Purpose: This position exists to glorify Christ and build up the body of believers through God-honoring worship and teaching in coordination with the senior pastor.



  1. The candidate must first and foremost meet the qualifications of Titus 1:5-9 & 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

  2. The candidate must be in agreement with the EFCA's 2019 statement of faith as well as in agreement with a complementarian view of the roles of men and women in ministry.

  3. A master's degree from seminary is a plus, though not required. However, some form of theological education is expected.

    1. The candidate will have a desire to continue to grow in knowledge and skill for the glory of God and the building up of the body.

  4. Must be skilled musically and must be able to lead worship on his own if needed.

  5. Experience in serving the church, specifically in the role of worship and youth ministry.

  6. Experience in implementing new ministries, specifically those dealing with youth is a plus.

  7. Experience with leading a small group.

  8. A firm understanding of the role and purpose of youth ministry within the context of the local church.

  9. A firm understanding of the role of music during worship services for the glory of God and the edification of the body.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Worship

    1. Attend the monthly Worship Ministry Team meetings.

    2. Oversee the various worship teams that lead worship during our services.

    3. Oversee the weekly song selection as well as the call to worship passage in coordination with the senior pastor.

    4. Lead worship as needed.

    5. Train up others to lead and participate on the  worship teams.

  2. Youth

    1. Attend the monthly Discipleship & Youth Ministry Team meetings.

    2. Oversee the nursery and children's church ministries.

    3. Oversee the midweek youth programs: JAM (K-5th) & Reality Youth (Middle & High).

    4. Teach on a weekly basis for our midweek youth programs.

    5. Train up others to lead and teach our youth.

    6. Train and equip parents to be more effective in discipling their children.

    7. Find ways to engage with the youth and the families of our church and community.

  3. Other Responsibilities

    1. Meet with the senior pastor on a weekly basis.

    2. Be ready and willing to preach as needed.

    3. Attend the annual district conferences.

    4. Be willing to get licensed and ordained by the EFCA if not already.



  1. This role is open to being adjusted within reason in accordance to the gifting of the individual.  For example, if the person is able and willing to oversee our website, we would be happy to make that happen. 


Salary: Depending on experience and qualifications, salary $40,000-$45,000.


How To Apply: Interested candidates should email their resumes to

Contact: Feel free to ask for our current Constitution and By-Laws.